Media Release

Chief Justice Derek Green announced today that he will be stepping down as Chief Justice of Newfoundland and Labrador on December 1, 2017. Chief Justice Green has served as chief justice of the Province since 2009. Prior to that, he had been Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador, Trial Division since 2000. He has been a judge for over twenty-five years.

Chief Justice Green said that “I have enjoyed serving the people of the province immensely but after seventeen years as chief justice in both trial and appeal courts, it is time for me to step aside and let someone with new ideas and leadership skills provide new direction to the court.”

“By announcing my departure now, “ he said, “it will allow time to search for and make a new appointment without any transition period during which the Court will be without a chief justice.”

Chief Justice Green will continue to serve the Court of Appeal in the capacity of supernumerary (part-time) judge.

Chief Justice Green was initially appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court, Trial Division in the Judicial Centre of Grand Bank in 1992. He was transferred to the Judicial Centre of St. John’s in 1993 and thereafter to the Court of Appeal in 1996, where he continued to sit until he was made Chief Justice of the Trial Division in 2000. He remained as chief justice of the Trial Division until his appointment as Chief Justice in the Court of Appeal in 2009.

Chief Justice Green is also known as the author of the Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Constituency Allowances and Related Matters which made a series of recommendations, all of which were accepted by government and enacted into law within ten days of receipt of the report, in the wake of the constituency allowance scandal in 2007.